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Welcome to Midwife Tylah

One of the struggles that I see everyday in the hospital system is the time constraints placed on the care of woman with rushed 20 minute appointments leaving little time to prepare women for birth and fast discharges from the ward where mothers are left with the daunting task of going home after just a few days to care for a baby alone. As a result, woman are experiencing increasing fear, anxiety and uncertainty around the childbearing process, something that should be a time for transformation, growth and ultimately joy. 

About Midwife Tylah

I’m a registered midwife, I work with women and parents empowering them to get clear and feel confident in their journey towards an intentional pregnancy, birth and parenting journey.  With 5 years experience within maternity care across several hospitals in Australia, I’ve worked alongside some of the most renowned doctors and senior midwives. This has allowed me to build a solid foundation and 

breadth of practical experience to support parents at all stages in parenthood.

During my time as a midwife I have made it a goal to immerse

and educate myself on any aspect that will increase a woman’s experience training in acupressure, calm birth, water birth, complementary therapies such as reflexology and aromatherapy, optimal fatal positioning as well as participating in further education in breastfeeding, perinatal mental health and 

currently sleep consulting. These skills allow me to optimise the

pregnancy, birth and postnatal experience of woman I care for. 

Ever since I was a young child I dreamed of being a midwife. I have inherently known that it is exactly what I am supposed to do. It all started with a pregnant barbie doll to now having the privilege to attend hundreds of births.  I’m passionate about educating and empowering women towards intentional birthing and parenting because I know just how important getting it right at the start is to the journey of parenthood and a child’s life. 


One of the main reasons why I want to help women is because I see everyday that the hospital system is not designed to give that extra time, education and support that women require to be fully informed and empowered in their experience. 

I work with parents at a variety of stages whether you’ve just 

found out you’re pregnant and trying to choose a care provider, birth is fast approaching and you are wanting to get clear about what’s going to happen and your options or you’ve taken your new baby home and are feeling overwhelmed. I am hear to support you at every step.